Upcoming Events: 

All regular social meetings are on hold for April because it's:

Pride this year is chock-full of events, which include:

Gay or Nay? Disscusion Panel: 4/3, 7:00PM. Ellsworth Hall
Pride Night-Hillbilly Hoedown: 4/4, 9:30PM. Wilde Chateau 24
Kenyon Farrow: 4/5, 7:00PM. ECM Rescheduled
Trans* Workshop Brown Bag Lunch: 4/10, 11:00AM. Parlors Room
Speak Out Open Mic Night: 4/10, 6:30PM. ECM
Trans* Workshop Brown Bag Lunch: 4/12, 11:00AM. International Room
Fortune Feimster: 4/14, 8:00PM. Hashinger Theater
Kenyon Farrow: 4/16, 7:00PM ECM
Bisexual/Pansexual Workshop Brown Bag Lunch: 4/18, 12:00PM. International Room
Robert Minor-Adding Religion into the Mix Brown Bag Lunch:
4/19, 12:00PM SMRC
Asexual Workshop: 4/19, 6:30PM. ECM
RealQueer Film Festival Movie Series:
4/20, 6:00PM. Alderson Auditorium
4/21, 5:00PM. Woodruff Auditorium
4/22, 4:00PM. Woodruff Auditorium
Queer Body Image Workshop: 4/24, 6:30PM. ECM
Bitch: 4/26, 8:00PM. Hashinger Theater
Brown Bag Drag: 4/27, 12:00PM. Kansas Union
Pride Parade: 4/28, 10:00AM. South Park Gazebo
Pride Prom-Dancing With The Queers: 4/28, 9:30PM. Wilde Chateau 24

For more info, check out each events Facebook page as well
as Q&A's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/groups/2200504902/

 Upcoming Meetings:

Business Meetings are
 in the Wheat Room,
Kansas Union 6:00pm, Thursdays

*Unless otherwise noted, all meetings
take place in the new Multicultural Resource
Center located next to the Kansas Union.


Other News:GAYPRIL!

It's April which means...Gaypril! We have an amazing aura of events, workshops, panels, and entertainers lined up to make this year the best yet. Due to the sheer number of amazing activities Q&A is sponsoring this month we will be putting regular Thursday social meetings on hold. This is because we want you to be able to attend as many events as possible!

Our exciting list of entertainer that will be joining us this year include, Kenyon Farrow, Fortune Feimster, and Bitch. Kenyon is an organizer, communications strategist, and writer on issues at the intersection of HIV/AIDS, prisons, and homophobia. Fortune is a comedian best known for appearing on NBC's "Last Comic Standing" and E!'s "Chelsea Lately". Bitch s a musician, actress, composer, and performance artist.

The Educational Outreach Task Force will be hosting a number of workshops around campus throughout the month on many great topics including: asexuality, bisexuality/pansexuality, trans issues and how to be a trans ally, and a discussion on queer body image. Also we will be having a panel called Gay or Nay? which is designed to breakdown social stereotypes in the lgbtq community. Please check around campus for their fliers too!

We're excited for all of our events, big and small. They will be a treat! If you would like to know more about our guests, please follow the links below!

Kenyon Farrow: http://kenyonfarrow.com/
Fortune Feimster: www.fortunefeimster.com/
Bitch: http://www.bitchmusic.com/


Welcome to the new school year of 2011-2012! This promises to be a great year packed full of interesting events, exciting opportunities, and fresh ideas. All new and returning students are welcome to come to our biweekly meetings in the Multicultural Resource Center on the KU Lawrence Campus. These meetings are for meeting other students interested in Queers & Allies, gather ideas for events and activism opportunities, and interesting speakers etc. You do not have to be LGBTQ to show up and support the group, we welcome everyone!

For LGBT-related Scholarships, please check out the KU LGBT Resource Center. You can also check out this website which has a long list of possible scholarships for LGBTQ folks!

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