Finding Queers & Allies!

KU is a large campus and it can be difficult finding all of the places you need. So, Queers & Allies would like to make it easier for you to find us!

Our Offices:

The Queers & Allies office is located in the Student Involvement and Leadership Center (SILC) which is on the fourth floor of the Kansas Union. This is where all of the student groups have their offices and cubicles. Q&A is lucky enough to have our very own office which you are welcome to stop by any time we are having office hours, which are posted outside of the office. You can find a map here that will show you the different levels of the Kansas Union. Remember, we are in the SILC offices on the fourth floor!


Our Meetings:

We have social meetings every other Thursday in the Multicultural Resource Center which is a brand new building attached to the Kansas Union. Because it is such a new building, a lot of people do no know where it is! This map shows where it is in relation to the Union. If you zoom in, you can see it listed as SMRC and is attached to U (Kansas Union!) right next to the parking garage.


Getting To Our Meetings:

We meet in the evenings, usually at 6pm. This means that the normal buses are not running. There are, however, several alternatives for getting to us! There are evening bus routes which can take you right by the Union, parking is available for those who drive, and the Union is within easy walking distance for most who live in the scholarship halls.

Parking: You cannot park in the lot directly next to the Union without paying or you will be ticketed. Most other parking lots on campus are available after five o'clock!

Buses: (We are working on getting an evening bus schedule up on our site for you. Until then, you can pick up physical bus schedules on any of the KU buses.)

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